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March (and April) Madness - COVID19

No, we're not talking about basketball...that was all cancelled :(

We're talking about the shutdown that left us with too much time on our hands. The primary goal with our time was to create new systems and processes in the office to maintain the health and safety of our patients and staff. Fortunately, as an orthodontic office, we were already well-versed in infection control, sterilization, and disinfection of surfaces, so many of the recommended precautions were already firmly in place prior to the pandemic.

However, we instituted a system for patients and parents to wait in their cars and check-in over the phone, began checking temperatures at the door of everyone entering the building, started hand sanitizing everyone that comes into the building, and donned extra PPE for everyone's protection. We implemented an even more thorough soaking of each station with timed disinfectant sprays before once again wiping everything down with the virucidal wipes we have been accustomed to using. Additionally, we added health-related screening questions to phone calls for making appointments and checking in on the phone.

Once those priorities were accomplished, we began ripping down wallpaper, patching holes, painting walls, and still had tons of time left over.

So we decided to upgrade and transition from paper to all digital charts. I installed computers at every chair in each office and networked the offices together.

Then my wife and I went on a west coast tour of stores to get new furniture for the waiting rooms.

Here is the transition in LaBelle:

We had the same goals for the Clewiston Office: an update with some new paint, furniture, and a new photo wall!

Let us know what you think!

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