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At Glades Orthodontics, our patients are top priority.  Dr. Cronauer is a board-certified orthodontist who personally creates a treatment plan for each patient that visits us for a consult.  We take the time to listen to each patient's concerns to make sure that we address that in our plan.

In our offices, we use the newest, cutting-edge technology to offer the best for our patients.  From braces to Invisalign to our own Glades Aligners (clear aligners), we can provide all of the options to our patients.


At Glades Orthodontics, we use an intraoral 3D scanner, so gone are the days of those nasty, goopy impressions. 

Our two 3D printers make the models in-office from which we fabricate aligners or retainers.  This allows us to have full control of your treatment, instead of a technician in other country. 

Our Offices

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