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Here is what to expect at your visits with us.

We're looking forward to seeing you!
Life is very busy these days among work, school, and family!  In addition, we have patients that travel to see us from over an hour away.  Therefore, we have engineered our treatment to be as efficient for you as possible.


Your typical initial complimentary consultation combines what used to be 2 or 3 visits into one appointment that is 45 minutes long, where we take all records, perform an exam, and consult on your records.  A typical appointment to bond braces typically takes about an hour.  Depending upon everyone’s schedules, some patients get their braces the same day!


Once treatment begins, you will typically see us at 6 to 10-week intervals.  The new heat-activated nickel-titanium wires we use allow us to extend the time between appointments while increasing tooth movement and treatment efficiency.  This means fewer visits, less traveling, and less time missed from school or work.


Toward the end of treatment, appointment intervals may reduce to 4 weeks to make finer adjustments to perfect your smile.  The removal visit is typically a longer appointment at about an hour’s time.  After delivering retainers, patients visit us for one more check to ensure retainers are fitting well and being worn.


Of course, this typical treatment sequence is in regards to traditional braces.  For clear aligners, the first and last appointments are typically not as long, since most of the fabrication process happens in our office before your visit.  Time is spent at your appointment placing or removing attachments. 

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